Thank you

If you've purchased one of my pieces this page is for you! 

Thank you so much it means the absolute world to me that you have chosen to give my art a home in your home!

Here are some care instructions for your purchases:  

Resin Art toys : We are often very fragile, we can be lightly and carefully dusted with a dry cloth or air duster and we like to be kept somewhere safely out of reach of children and animals! 

Plushies/ Art Dolls: We usually have wire skeletons that can wear out with movement over time so please be gentle with us. Our fur and fabric parts can be gently combed or dusted and washed by hand with a damp cloth. Out plastic parts can be gently dusted but try not to get them wet. We like to be kept out of reach of animals and children as we are delicate.

Illustrations & Prints : I'm easy to take care of, pop me in a frame or on your wall, keep me flat, and keep me dry! My colours may fade over the years if I am left in bright sunlight for a long time. 

Pins: I am pretty sturdy, although I can get scratched if knocked by something hard. If you have me on an item of clothing do not put me through the wash as I could damage your lovely threads. 

Thanks so much! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!